Friday, June 19, 2009

Portable Music, Then and Now.

The disadvantages of the Sanyo Walkman from 1985:
1. Bulky. Carrying that thing required either a leather pouch or a strap which was a fashion don't, or putting it into the backpack, which was awkward if you wanted to change the tape.
2. Requires disposable batteries (you could buy rechargeable, but they are not included in the price tag)
3. You are pretty much stuck with a predetermined order of songs, you could tape a mixtape, but taking into consideration the recording vs. playing ratio (1:1, it takes as long to record as to play it) and the quality loss on each subsequent generation of taping, you get what you originally got.
4. Skipping a song you are not in the mood for listening requires an additional effort.
5. Tapes occupy additional space, you may want to listen to more than one hour of music when you travel.
6. Useless if you want to go jogging.
7. Magnetic tape is vulnerable to wear and tear.
8. You want to listen to that song again? Rewind, which takes a great toll on battery life. We used to counter this by rewinding manually with a pen, which in retrospective looks totally delayed.
9. Utter inability to look for an specific song unless you were familiar with every minute of the tape.
10. Hiss, that bloody, wanker hiss...

The disadvantages of the iPod Shuffle 1 Gb from the XXI century;
1. Your dog can swallow it.


  1. And they also sucked in the tape very often, scrolled it, and gave additional effects to the music ;)

    But you must admit that really big dog could swallow it too. But it might be the last thing he'd ever do in his life. And when it happens to iPod, the animal is fine and there's a chance to find it in dog's pooh :D XXI after all ;)

    And I will write to you tomorrow ;)

  2. I don't wanna meet that monster dog!!!! :PPP