Friday, February 11, 2011

Alright. Let's put it this way: Mariana Moreno is fucked up. Would you, by choice, have sex with her?

Let's speak about sex and consequences:

The word "fuck" has that double meaning, have sex and humiliate, for lack of a better term. The question of why have intercourse with someone demonstrates a kind of "conquest" or having someone as submissive. That is the question that could define the world's culture, Do you want to have sex with it to dominate it, to make it submissive to you?
If the answer is NO, (and it must be, of course) there is only one other choice, you could be implying I want to consummate some sort of romantic or carnal relationship, I have none with her, I hardly know her. I like her art and she is sort of funny, but nothing would attract me to her, so I would not have sex with her for that reason either.
First of all, why would YOU want to have sex with her? Do you find her carnally desirable? in that case you are submitting to her and she owns you, otherwise, if you want to humiliate and subdue her, I recommend you check your priorities straight.

Besides, having sex with someone is not the end of the road, it is not the goal of a man's existence to someday have sex with X girl, there are consequences. Sex inside of a relationship means building and sharing, it's something that goes beyond words (that's why we have art). Sex outside of a relationship has also consequences. Would you be able to see her in the eye afterwards?

Ask me anything, keep it smart and not trivial.