Sunday, December 1, 2013

The five songs that demonstrate Rock is dead.

I announce you the death of Rock, it has been dead for a really long time, it agonized over decades and it did not survive to the new millennium. Here is the evidence of its rotting corpse.

5) Hillary Duff's cover of the Who's 'My Generation'

The problem with Rock'n roll, it was doomed from the start, Rock n' roll meant "live fast, die young, leave a beautiful corpse". It was meant to be a cry for rebellion in a world controlled by old people with stagnant ideas. The Who used to sing;

Hope I die before I get old
But the kids who sang it did not die, they got old, and recanted, suddenly they were the very thing they hated, the old generation with the stagnant values, thus, the message changed as sung by Hillary Duff

Hope I don't die, I wanna get old

4) Britney Spears cover of Joan Jett's 'I love Rock'n Roll'

I love rock n' roll
So put another dime in the jukebox, baby
I love rock n' roll
So come an' take your time an' dance with me

No one ever puts dimes in the jukebox anymore, the original song was released in 1975, so it made sense, the reference to outdated technology makes it meaningless, Rock was MEANT to die young, so it was never thought it would stay for so long. 
What the old generation does not understand is that they cannot live through the new ones.
Even young people grow old.

3) Guns n' Roses 'November's Rain'

Nothing lasts forever, even cold November Rain
Use your Illusion I&II is the last Rock album. It's easy to understand why it is considered a classic, the songs that are not 'Don't Cry', 'Live and Let Die' or 'November's Rain' are back to the basics, bluesy, melancholic, upbeat, the whole range of the original spirit of Rock'n Roll.

But that also meant rock had to reinvent itself or finally die, that's where Nirvana comes.

2) Nirvana 'Serve the Servants'

Teenage angst has paid off well
Now I'm bored and old

But it didn't. Grunge was even more hopeless, more ennui-ridden and suicidal, it went off like a moth around the flame. Rock was finally dead and there was nothing to substitute it. 

1) Marilyn Manson 'Rock is Dead'

Rock is deader than dead
Shock is all in your head
Your sex and your dope is all that were fed
So fuck all your protests and put them to bed

God is in the T.V.

1,000 mothers are praying for it
We're so full of hope
And so full of shit
Build a new god to medicate and to ape
Sell us ersatz dressed up and real fake

Anything to belong 
Anticonformism is the new conformism. Rebellion is a manufactured product, sterilized and sold wholesale.