Thursday, June 25, 2009

A horrible person has died... He will be remembered as a saint.

This single response posted at the latimes blogs summarizes everything I hate.






Posted by: AYOKA IMPETUS | June 25, 2009 at 10:29 PM

How do you compare the death of a single individual to the death of 100,000? I seldom call people idiots, but this guy, uneducated, deluded himself into believing that some popstar's life is more important than his and now he is going to get pissed drunk.

And the same brainiac at movieline gives us this jewel, apparently the lad fancies himself a poet:

UPDATE: Another pathetic human used the death of an unknown to waste her life: (Google cache, the original was deleted but there's an image of it)

You may have read at the description of my blog; "If you value someone you don't know more than someone you do then you are no friend of mine". These two retards value their imaginary bonds with a stranger more than those of the people they have, OMNG, the stupid woman is going to abort because of these ideas.

And yet since Thursday 6000 people have died, will they mourn for any of them?

D&D Alignments (Part 1 of 9) Chaotic Good: Jenny McCarthy

The Alignment series is a personal exploration through the nature of Good and Evil, I know that reality is complex and I do not mean to reduce a person to a single aspect, but I mean to question what everyone holds as the paragons of truth, My first subject of analysis is actually a force of good:

These kids are getting better and I will not shut up and will not stop fighting about it.

Jenny McCarthy is a revolutionary, someone who will not just take the authority's word at face value, she senses something wrong and acts upon it. She knew her child Evan was different,and while at first she fell into the Indigo Children trap she knew better, there was another cause, The Thymerosol in the vaccines that The System demands every child to take made her kid sick, so, according to expert advice and her mommy instinct she undertook a one-woman crusade against Big Pharma and is awaking consciences across the United States and soon around the world.

She is a revolutionary and a hero, someone who honestly wants to make the world safe for our children.

So; I prithee, riddle me this...

Why can it be proven that she is directly responsible for (as of 6/28/09) 178 deaths?

She is a genocide and preys upon the ignorance and fear of people to further her agenda, she desperatelt wants to find reason in an irrational world, as her child is not normal she wants to make someone responsible, she wants to ,make someone pay, she is avengeful and close-minded, she already decided on her bad guy, although the study she bases her conclusions upon has been long discredited.

But she is beautiful and a force of good, and yet she murders by sheer indifference towards reality.
Welcome to Supervillain logic: No one chooses to do evil, even the most brutal monsters think they are doing the right thing. And Jenny McCarthy is the Superhero in this scenario, who could lift a hand against that angelic face?

But she must be stopped, people need to tell reality from falsehoods, the problem is people do not want to know reality, they are content with the first thing they are told.
Alongside the series we will see people who have lead to destruction, but are considered Good, and people who have done great deeds, but are considered evil.

Remember; You shouldn't have heroes or villains, they are human just as you and me.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Portable Music, Then and Now.

The disadvantages of the Sanyo Walkman from 1985:
1. Bulky. Carrying that thing required either a leather pouch or a strap which was a fashion don't, or putting it into the backpack, which was awkward if you wanted to change the tape.
2. Requires disposable batteries (you could buy rechargeable, but they are not included in the price tag)
3. You are pretty much stuck with a predetermined order of songs, you could tape a mixtape, but taking into consideration the recording vs. playing ratio (1:1, it takes as long to record as to play it) and the quality loss on each subsequent generation of taping, you get what you originally got.
4. Skipping a song you are not in the mood for listening requires an additional effort.
5. Tapes occupy additional space, you may want to listen to more than one hour of music when you travel.
6. Useless if you want to go jogging.
7. Magnetic tape is vulnerable to wear and tear.
8. You want to listen to that song again? Rewind, which takes a great toll on battery life. We used to counter this by rewinding manually with a pen, which in retrospective looks totally delayed.
9. Utter inability to look for an specific song unless you were familiar with every minute of the tape.
10. Hiss, that bloody, wanker hiss...

The disadvantages of the iPod Shuffle 1 Gb from the XXI century;
1. Your dog can swallow it.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Little Fears - Role-playing Game

Your sister has been kidnapped and taken to the depths of the Realm of the Demon-Lord Amduscias, who needs the life force of young women to open the Gates of Hades and wreak havoc and destruction upon everything you know and love. It's only you and your ragtag party who are aware of this. Heavily outnumbered you have another problem, everyone else thinks you are being silly, that monsters and demons aren't real.
Then again, you are only eight years old.
Little Fears asks the question;
'What if every single thing you believed as a kid was terrifyingly real; the Bogeyman, The Man with the Sack, but also your imaginary friends'?
In the genre of Survival Horror this game stands out as your character faces the greatest disadvantages, ones that we ourselves suffered as kids, feeling we couldn't control a hostile world.
Besides Monsters, the characters of Little Fears also have to deal with real-life horrors; bullies, abusive teenagers, criminals and other abusive adults. The game still offers a very real possibility of Kids being shot to death, kidnapped or abused.
I offer this game in PDF form as it has been out of print for a long time and copies on eBay are rare and expensive (starting at $150). As a bonus you can listen to the unofficial soundtrack the Industrial Band Janus composed for the German version of the game.


Download the Soundtrack!!!
Janus - Kleine Ängste

Read The Book
Little Fears - The Role-playing Game of Childhood Terrors Little Fears - The Role-playing Game of Childhood Terrors Dan A strange survival horror style roleplaying game where creatures like the Boogeyman and the Closet Monster are real, and the power of children's belief can work magical effects

Saturday, June 13, 2009

How I would improve the Star Wars Movies

11.- The Jedi Council is a corrupt and complacent cult more interested in holding political power than defending the galaxy. The Head of the Council is not Yoda, but a fat slobbering Huttese Jedi who hasn't seen a day of action in its life.

10.- No midichlorians, of course. Qui-Gon has little or no evidence to support his claim (that Anakin is The Chosen One) and he is viewed by the Council as a lunatic. Obi-wan is torn between loyalty to his master and loyalty to the Elders.

9.- Boba Fett is not a clone, just an awesome bounty hunter who got himself a Mandalorian Battle Suit in a Flea Market. Jango Fett is pure Mandalorian stock and both are not related, Boba Fett's past remains a mystery.

8.-A complete rewrite of the scene before Darth Vader; Anakin, charred and mutilated, is found by Palpatine, who is surrounded by troopers, "Well, look at yourself, dog, you look like Bantha droppings. You are of no use to me, please die". Palpatine turns his back on him and Charred Anakin points a stub of flesh where his arm was and mentally chokes everyone around. Palpatine laughs; "Now we're talking! come." and the fully armored Darth Vader scene does no longer include the DO NOT WANT.

7.-Love triangle between Obi-wan, Anakin and Padmè. Anakin's jealousy is an integral part of his fall to the Dark Side and Obi-wan is fully responsible, and all because of a fine piece of blue-blooded booty. His twisting of the facts in Episode IV are because of guilt.

6.-Anakin slaughters Amidala in a fit of rage before Obi-wan's eyes, the royal showdown ensues. Luke was already born.

5.-Boba Fett decides not to hang out with Jabba much longer, he continues preying upon rebellion targets and there is a big showdown between him and Han Solo, whom he tracked to Endor.

4.-Anakin Skywalker is a teenager when found by Obi-wan. he is already a great pilot.

3.-Jar Jar Binks is an anarchist primitivist who oposses Boss Nazz' regime based on his politics of racial hatred against the human squatters of Naboo (ruled by Amidala) and he is certainly not goofy. His distrust on institutions and his idealism makes him a puppet for Palpatine's ambitions anyways.

2.-The Battle of Endor takes place in Kashyyyk as originally intended, in episode three we get to return to the Wookie planet.

1.-Luke and Leia are not brother and sister. Luke is certainly Anakin's and Padme's child, but Leia is Bail and his wife's child. Leia's mother plays an important part as a Harriet Tubman-like character who helps a few Jedi escape the Great Jedi Purge.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Why I don't believe in... (Part 1, UFOs)

I a an openminded person, that doesn't mean I will believe everything you tell me. I like fantastic things, I am ready to believe a bacteria can live inside a can of hairspray. But I also like to put ideas to the test. During my life there are many things I stopped believing and many others I started to know.
When I was a child I was fascinated by the possibility of extraterrestrial life but as more information has become available here are the questions that made me stop believe. If you can give me informed evidence backed by real science I will believe, but the "I don't know and we cannot expect to know" answer just doesn't really cut it for me.

1. Let's assume that UFOs are piloted starcrafts from another planet and there are sentient beings inside; What do they eat?
Really, have you heard about Moctezuma's revenge? Foreigners can get violently sick when trying food from a different continent, and that's assuming the aliens are carbon-based chordates like us. (Sillicon-based lifeforms present a yet-unsolvable problem; Carbon Dioxide, the stuff we exhale is a gas, but Sillicon Dioxide, what such lifeform would exhale; is a solid, so no Rock Monsters)

2. Let's assume they can eat our food without major discomfort; How did they build their immune system?
If you read War of the Worlds you will remember this spelled doom for the Martian Invaders. H. G. Wells based this conclusion on the fact that visitors from other lands bring with them and are exposed to new pathogens. Let's say that somehow they developed immunity thanks to advanced medical techniques, what about the pathogens they bring? Smallpox caused many deaths in the New World upon the arrival of the Conquistadors, who were very few. If a pathogen from beyond the stars ever arrived and contaminated us, we would surely be all dead as our immune response would be unprecedented, or an alien substance would kill us by anaphylaxis, that's the root cause for allergies.

3. Let's assume they can eat your food and are sterile; How do they propel their spaceships?
Let's assume our visitors come from the nearest star, Proxima Centauri, which is 4 light years away; Michio Kaku analyzes the matter in this article. Not even Planck-Energy propulsion is able to propel a single atom to anything closer to lightspeed and Wormholes, which are largely theoretical, are either; too expensive (in energy requirements) to produce, largely unstable or one-way streets.

But Kaku gives us a way around the first three problems:

4. Unmanned, Robotic probes are far more plausible than manned spacecrafts which must account for the ticket back home.
Here are two very elegant solutions;
a) The probes were sent long ago and left to drift in space, just as our Voyager probes and they are able to transmit information back home.
b) The probes were sent via a wormhole. As they are one-way, they can utilize all their energy in research, collect samples and send back information.

I am more fond of this solution, it paints the aliens as not different from us, as we have sent robotic probes to explore our own solar system and it is not far-fetched that another civilization does the same in a bigger scale. However this solution also brings its own problems we must tackle.

5. If they can't return, what happens to them? How come there aren't any remains?
What happens to the probes after they finish their useful life? Do they self destruct? If so why haven't there been any unexplained explosions without any debris? Why hasn't anyone found a carcass of one?
We must remember something if we were to extrapolate from our own experiences, we sent our probes WANTING THEM TO BE FOUND.That's why the Voyager missions include messages and the Golden Record, so a possible alien may know us and locate our system and why not? return the call.

6.You may say; There are captured probes, they are held by the military in top secret locations, they were reverse engineered and that's why we have had such a great expansion in technology. But there is no evidence for that.

a) You are thinking too USA centric. A probe may have fallen into other government, agencies or individual's hands. The rule of thumb regarding conspiracies is the lesson we learned from Watergate, a high-end government conspiracy can be brought down by a single individual. Where is the Deep Throat of the UFO conspiracy?

b) You can't find a single technological advance that appeared spontaneously without any antecedents. You can backtrack any invention in evolutionary levels. Even the greatest invention of all, Quantum Computing, can be traced to small, logical steps, and that's technology we don't have as of yet.

c) C'mon, dude, you are taking your science fiction too seriously. The so-called UFO phenomenon can be traced back to stories in Pulp Sci-fi Magazines from the 30's, the same magazines that once contained stories from Hollow Earth. The Writings of Richard Sharpe Shaver depict UFOs as not coming from outer space, but from inside our own Earth and they were not piloted by aliens but by DEROs (Detrimental Robots), who are the sadistic and inbred offspring of an advanced civilization that abandoned Earth in prehistoric times.

Certainly the DEROs explanation avoids many, if not all of my objection, if it weren't for the fact that it's the rambling of a single individual who spent the last years of his life in a mental hospital.

We need to say that Sharpe depicted the DEROs ships not as saucers, but as rockets, the saucer retrofitting was added by one of his alumni.

d) We need just a single sample of alien material to prove the probes exist, No government is powerful enough to cover the whole earth all of the time. Also, Kim Jong Il, Ahmajenihad , Chávez or any other dictator would love to put their paws into alien technology.

7. What do they want?

a) Exploit our natural resources.

Kardashiev, referenced in the Michio Kaku article, measures possible alien civilization in types, Type II, which can harness the entire energy of a star, is the minimum requirement for interstellar travel,so they certainly don't lack on energy resources.

This is to say; It's like if you walked all the way from San Francisco to the Amazon in order to eat a single mango.

b) Warn us from impending doom.

Remember Billy Meyer? The message the supposed aliens gave him was that the Governments should stop producing nuclear weapons. That makes sense, it was the 70's it was the height of the Cold war and the zeitgeist was full of nuclear scares. Why didn't the Aliens warn Meyer of Global warming? If they were so advanced they should know our way to harness energy (Type 0 for Kardashev) is dirty and inefficient.

c) Knowledge for knowledge's sake.

This is more likely for a Type II civilization that moved beyond the local concerns of energy, research, however that still brings the problems I described above.

d) Enslave humanity.

You have to be f***ing kidding me.

8) Where do they come from?

According to Michio Kaku, were interstellar travel possible it would be restricted to a mere hundred of light years, of course, the farther the distance, the more energy is spent and the less likely it is for the spaceship to return.

We also have to consider Fermi's Paradox;

The apparent size and age of the universe suggests that many technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilizations ought to exist.
However, this hypothesis seems inconsistent with the lack of observational evidence to support it.

The Drake Equation gives the possible number of civilization in our galaxy as 10,000, but our galaxy is not 100 light years in diameter, but 100,000, and we also have to ask if any of those are Kardashev Type II civilizations instead of Type 0, like us, or Type I.

This question is the motivation behind observing the skies through radiotelescopes and other methods (SETI) and as the technology to detect extrasolar planets is here, it could be inevitable to discover a Type II in our lifetimes, but then again, Fermi's Paradox; Why haven't we seen them already?

9)OK, Ok, they might not be manned spacecrafts or robotic probes or Robots from inside the Earth, but you cannot deny the phenomenon is real... Think again.

If you believe that you haven't done your homework. Every instance must be analyzed separatedly, explanations range from the mundane (camera defects, lens flare, aluminum balloons) to the exciting (artificial satellites, weather conditions, electromagnetic discharges)


Remember; Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, a camera phone video or a doctored photo is only evidence that some light appeared in the sky. Show me the evidence and we can discuss it and explore it together. But you see, you have a lot of explaining to do before assuming there are aliens.