Thursday, June 25, 2009

D&D Alignments (Part 1 of 9) Chaotic Good: Jenny McCarthy

The Alignment series is a personal exploration through the nature of Good and Evil, I know that reality is complex and I do not mean to reduce a person to a single aspect, but I mean to question what everyone holds as the paragons of truth, My first subject of analysis is actually a force of good:

These kids are getting better and I will not shut up and will not stop fighting about it.

Jenny McCarthy is a revolutionary, someone who will not just take the authority's word at face value, she senses something wrong and acts upon it. She knew her child Evan was different,and while at first she fell into the Indigo Children trap she knew better, there was another cause, The Thymerosol in the vaccines that The System demands every child to take made her kid sick, so, according to expert advice and her mommy instinct she undertook a one-woman crusade against Big Pharma and is awaking consciences across the United States and soon around the world.

She is a revolutionary and a hero, someone who honestly wants to make the world safe for our children.

So; I prithee, riddle me this...

Why can it be proven that she is directly responsible for (as of 6/28/09) 178 deaths?

She is a genocide and preys upon the ignorance and fear of people to further her agenda, she desperatelt wants to find reason in an irrational world, as her child is not normal she wants to make someone responsible, she wants to ,make someone pay, she is avengeful and close-minded, she already decided on her bad guy, although the study she bases her conclusions upon has been long discredited.

But she is beautiful and a force of good, and yet she murders by sheer indifference towards reality.
Welcome to Supervillain logic: No one chooses to do evil, even the most brutal monsters think they are doing the right thing. And Jenny McCarthy is the Superhero in this scenario, who could lift a hand against that angelic face?

But she must be stopped, people need to tell reality from falsehoods, the problem is people do not want to know reality, they are content with the first thing they are told.
Alongside the series we will see people who have lead to destruction, but are considered Good, and people who have done great deeds, but are considered evil.

Remember; You shouldn't have heroes or villains, they are human just as you and me.

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