Friday, April 25, 2008

Speculative Fiction part 2; Metallica did not make it to the mainstream

Following the events of last installment; the album Sabbath Bloody Sabbath was never released, thus stripping James Hetfield of one of his greatest influences, as a possible result he never answered Lars Ulrich's advertisement and Metallica would be formed with quite a different line-up
MetalMania was a heavy metal band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1981 by Drummer Lars Ulrich, Lead Guitarist Lloyd Grant, Bassist Ron McGobney and Vocalist/Rhythm guitarist Dave Mustaine.
Mustaine and Ulrich have always been the creative force behind MetalMania,. the two met after Ulrich placed an advertisement in The Recycler. Ulrich was reportedly surprised by Mustaine's expensive quitar equipment.
The band was heavily influenced by bands such as Iron Maiden and Diamond Head. Following Iron Maiden's lead, themes of science fiction and fantasy literature would be present in almost all of its releases; The Puppet Masters (1984) has its title track dedicated to the author of the homonymous novel; Robert A. Heinlein.

Its debut album; Metal Up Your Ass, was well received despite its limited initial print, its hardcore punk-like energy was noted. Its single The Mechanix would prove to be a signature in all of its live performances. This album's limited success allowed them to pursue recording a second album; Ride the Lightning.
MetalMania was recently disbanded due to Mustaine's health; seere nerve damage sustained while taking pain medication has left him unable to hold a guitar.

MetalMania Discography

Metal Up Your Ass (1983)
Ride The Lightning (1984)
The Puppet Masters (1986)
Peace Sells... And Justice For All! (1988)
Rust in Peace (1991)