Monday, June 15, 2009

Little Fears - Role-playing Game

Your sister has been kidnapped and taken to the depths of the Realm of the Demon-Lord Amduscias, who needs the life force of young women to open the Gates of Hades and wreak havoc and destruction upon everything you know and love. It's only you and your ragtag party who are aware of this. Heavily outnumbered you have another problem, everyone else thinks you are being silly, that monsters and demons aren't real.
Then again, you are only eight years old.
Little Fears asks the question;
'What if every single thing you believed as a kid was terrifyingly real; the Bogeyman, The Man with the Sack, but also your imaginary friends'?
In the genre of Survival Horror this game stands out as your character faces the greatest disadvantages, ones that we ourselves suffered as kids, feeling we couldn't control a hostile world.
Besides Monsters, the characters of Little Fears also have to deal with real-life horrors; bullies, abusive teenagers, criminals and other abusive adults. The game still offers a very real possibility of Kids being shot to death, kidnapped or abused.
I offer this game in PDF form as it has been out of print for a long time and copies on eBay are rare and expensive (starting at $150). As a bonus you can listen to the unofficial soundtrack the Industrial Band Janus composed for the German version of the game.


Download the Soundtrack!!!
Janus - Kleine Ängste

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Little Fears - The Role-playing Game of Childhood Terrors Little Fears - The Role-playing Game of Childhood Terrors Dan A strange survival horror style roleplaying game where creatures like the Boogeyman and the Closet Monster are real, and the power of children's belief can work magical effects

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