Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oxomaxoma - Sin boca con los ojos negros

Oxomaxoma is one of the rarest groups ever, a pariah in its own land, Avantgarde? Progressive? Darkwave? The eerie atmospheres and the senseless vocals, lyrics are not spanish or any other language, it is a construct from a faraway land. (Magma would also invent their own language and utopian realms, but Oxomaxoma is less interested in utopias)

01. El tarot de acuario (nostalgia por el agogó) 4:17
02. Extraños 7:39
03. Ella mira la tranquilidad de la tarde 5:12
04. Bahía abandonado 6:37
05. Violenta 4:54
06. El ejército de la noche 6:03
07. X música 4:33
08. Mientras los angeles duermen el ogro también descansa 6:41
09. Donde sólo el silencio habla 6:38

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1 comment:

  1. they are awesome

    and a real pride of my nation

    not like porter or crap like others.....