Friday, January 18, 2008

The art of Funky Paper Friends

We are two artists, Heidi Hinojosa, graphic designer and fashion guru and C. Augusto Valdés, playwright and critical thinker. We will be using this space to showcase the things we do and the things we like. If we see or listen to something rare and beautiful we will let you know.
Let's start things over by sharing the weird discovery that lead to the creation of this space;

Someone decided to take Heidi and I to create merchandise and they didn't even tell us! A paper doll called Monsieur Gus at Heidi dot com, that is intended to be the next internet meme, you are supposed to print Monsieur Gus and assemble it for some photoshoots.
We contacted the lawyers about a possible suit but we decided against it, because the unassembled doll is so unflattering, so I am better off disowning it and playing along.
Besides, we are going to create much better things here, so, enjoy!

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