Saturday, April 30, 2005

Personal Diary: aprl the thirtieth two thousand five

This is the best of times, this is the worst of times. I was sincerely going to call my so-called girlfriend, GV, and meet her to make things up. We were supposed o have our four month anniversary today but I haven seen her for most a month. I received a call, it was my ex-girlfriend, L, she was just outside my house with her english teacher ad her class mates, they didn't have a place for the class, so she called me to use my pace. I lent it to her. While the class was in progress I was browsing through just so time could pass and these people would get out of here. Not really. After the class L, my ex-girlfriend, almost invited herself to stay with me a little over fr lunch, but instead we made love. She told me we were just fiends, nothing more, and we went out fr lunch to some crappy russian restaurant on the corner. She told me about her having problems with her boyfriend. We had a nice talk about it. then I left her home, just three blocks from my apartment. I have a hamburger from burger king in front of me waiting to be devoured. I had some wine ad just cannoty believe thuis actually happened to me, a gorgeous girl had me for a booty call. Dear Playboy...

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