Friday, April 29, 2005

Personal Diary; April the twenty ninth two thousand five

Have been away for a while. I finally got rid of that stupid lame ass excuse of an operating system called Windoze, I am now blogging from Debian GNU Linux. I have always believed your computer is a reflection of your own mind. My windoze operating system crashed every two minutes, even after i just reinstalled it, and that was happening with my mind, I was in a depression, but I got myself some occupational therapy, I found a way to install Linux with some floppy disks and my cable connection, It was not easy and I still cannot hear anything from the sound card, but I haven't had any malfunction. In one hand I have just isolated myself from the rest of the people who live around me, everyone has windoze in their computers except one, who is on Mac OS/X. I guess that will increase this overpowering feeling of alienation from the offline world, nobody I know uses Linux. I have the game urge to go out to the sun and feel the touch of some skin. even if it is some filthy mighcrosoft mind-slave. By the way, it is great to be blogging again. I have some dates the following days, so i'll tell you all about it, specially my blind date.

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