Sunday, April 10, 2005

Personal Diary: April the tenth two thousand five

April the tenth:
Listening to Portishead while drinking some beer, this is my idea of spending a sunday afternoon. Reading: Werewolf: The Forsaken and Broca's Brain by Carl Sagan. I wish I could post this from my regular computer, but it is FUBAR, it won't even boot anymore. I am stuck in my brother´s laptop. I don´t know how to blog, I guess I will only keep it as a diary. Here I am trying to make some sense from my life. I promised my friend Perla I would post submissions to universities in Spain or England. The only thing I´ve got is an essay contest. I am thinking about submitting to it, I already have the subject, Perla´s ex-husband, Jorge Kuri, commited suicide almost a month ago. I should write some kind of memorial, he was a great writer and he always stood up for me. For that I need his documents and his fammily won´t disclose them. Perla is trying to convince them to facsimile them and give them to us. It is so difficult to create a dead man´s memoirs. One year ago I was going to do the same, but I didn´t. I guess working towards his memoirs are a good way of dealing with it. Tomorrow is pay-day and I have millions of bills to pay. My so-called girlfriend is complaining I don´t pay attention to her anymore. and she is right. She is a schoolteacher and I am a writer (mebbe a wanna be artist). Today I discovered I need a girlfriend who is into the arts, such as myself, and is able to give me some feed back. I really don´t know how to blog, should I post my images from photoblog? well, I don´t have any pictures in this computer anyway, I don´t wanna bore people with my cats´ pics. should I flame Bush? no, that's so last week. well, see you tomorrow, I guess.

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