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Thirteen songs called 'Solitude'

13.- Solitude - Black Sabbath
Tag: heavy metal

Oh where can I go to and what can I do?
Nothing can please me only thoughts are of you
You just laughed when I begged you to stay
Ive not stopped crying since you went away

The world is a lonely place - youre on your own
Guess I will go home - sit down and moan.
Crying and thinking is all that I do
Memories I have remind me of you

In the middle of the Stoner/Sludge/Doom Masterpiece Master of Reality there is an island of sadness, a place to remind us that the affair with pleasure leads to loneliness. True Metal understands the necessity of being alone, The Metalhead is a lone wolf, hunting alone, suffering alone, but sharing the glory with others.
Covered by:
12.- Solitude - Cathedral
Tag: doom metal
Cathedral would go a conventional way in covering the Sabbath masterpiece, every chord, every syllable is where it should be, as correct as it is it might be unnecessary, as this cover adds nothing to the original.
11.- Solitude - Ulver
Tag: avant garde
Ulver integrates this song seamlessly into its seminal Shadows of the Sun. when a cover seems done by the artist performing it then and only then it can be a good cover. All the pain of the original is there, all the understanding.
10.- Solitudo (Solitude) - Rondellus
Tag: medieval
Rondellus makes a monster work in translating the Black Sabbath originals to Latin and then singing them in choruses. A delightful work.

9.- Solitude - Death in June
Tag: apocalyptic folk
Not a cover. Death in June gets a new voice in David Tibet for this track.
8.- Solitude - Intaglio
Tag: funeral doom
Not a cover. Intaglio follows a different solitude, the one that comes after the realization that death is inevitable and that there is no heaven nor hell awaiting.
7.- Solitude - Candlemass
Tag: doom metal
Hate is my only friend
pain is my father
torment is delight to me
Death is my sanctuary
I seek it with pleasure
Please let me die in solitude

Receive my sacrifice
my lifeblood is exhausted
no one gave love and understanding
Hear these words
vilifiers and pretenders
and please let me die in solitude
Candlemass created a masterpiece of Doom with this song, they dared defy the creators of the genre with a similar named song. Here death is not something to fear, but a release. Mortality is a theme in every song dealing with loneliness.
Covered by:
6.- Solitude - Anorexia Nervosa
Tag: symphonic black metal
The strengh of Anorexia Nervosa comes not from evil, but from the deepest suffering. As the coda of New Oscurantis Order, this track is the end of angry tears.
5.- Solitude - Desire
Tag: death doom metal
This cover has an epic stature yet unmatched; four voices, four ways to deal with the greatest sadness. the only cover with a female angelic voice surrounded by a whisper and two distinct death growls.
4.- Solitude - Pale Divine
Tag: stoner doom
A clean voice straight cover, but it has a psychedelic bridge, a way of dealing with loneliness through pleasure, the solace of drugs (Stoner is never complete without hallucinations)
3.- Solitude - Swallow the Sun
Tag: death doom metal
As this song should be performed, a clean voice crying in almost silence, giving its way to the biggest of funeral wails.
2.- Solitude -Blodsrit
Tag: black metal
The only cover in all death growls. Somehow the lack of contrast mitigates the extents that other covers have reached before.
1.- Solitude - Midgard
Tag: doom metal
A straight clean voice cover. done in sheer admiration. It appropiates the original, yet it does nothing to take it to new levels.

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